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The Role of HSEA Model


Accurate analysis of various output contents

The HSEA model, which is capable to calculate useful output for a variety of inputs, makes possible to significantly reduce experimental man-hours and costs from the SEA model (Statistical Energy Analysis method). The HSEA model can be used to solve problems that clients are facing in the work projects.


Example of Input

  • Road noise
  • Engine noise
  • Gear/motor noise
  • Wind noise
  • Driving noise
  • Clutch noise
  • Power seat noise


Example of Output

  • Sound Pressure Level(SPL)
  • Vibration Velocity Level(VVL)
  • Contribution
  • Power Flow

Advantages of HSEA model

It is possible to investigate the effects of changing in soundproofing materials and to create specifications to achieve the target performance with high accuracy without additional experiments.

Significant reduction in experimental man-hours and costs is possible


Introduction to analysis using the HSEA model


Vehicle Diagnostics

We would like to introduce details such as visualization of the Input and Output contribution, sound flow in the cabin space, and evaluation of the soundproof materials performance with illustrations.

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Comparison of Vehicle Performance

It compares the contribution between vehicles and clarifies the differences between each vehicle. This makes possible to compare system performance differences between vehicles and the performance of soundproof materials.

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Investigation of specification changes impact

Cost- and time-saving evaluation without experiment. With K and A investigation it is possible to evaluate the effect of the specification changes with high accuracy.

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Proposal of specifications to achieve target performance

Within one week it is possible to create a specification proposal for achieving the target SPL and a specification proposal at an early stage of the vehicle development.

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Experimental data investigation

Experimental data investigation based on speaker and hammer excitation and chassis dynamo etc. is introduced with illustrations.

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List of Analysis Examples

Examples of analysis using the HSEA model are presented with illustrations.

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Easy-to-understand explanations with calculation formulas

The tutorial on the HSEA model, which enables significant reductions in experimental man-hours and costs and can solve on-site issues faced by clients, is explained in an easy-to-understand manner using calculation formulas and diagrams. The tutorial is step-by-step and easy to understand.

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