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K and A Software Configuration

Vehicle development flow using HSEA model and
HSEA software configuration

Vehicle development flow using HSEA model and HSEA software configuration

HSEA Software List

Analytical SEA Model creation
Analytical system Explanation (in charge of core processing, can be used independently)
1 ASG Analytical model creation and shape change support software
2 DMSPP DMS pre-processing software for easy configuration of soundproof and damping materials
3 DMS Design Change Prediction Simulation Software
Experimental SEA data acquisition
Experimental system Explanation (in charge of experimental SEA data acquisition)
4 NVEDMS Management of hammer & speaker excitation data and hybrid model (wraparound processing) creation software
5 DAQ Prep Interface to HSEA-LMS (experimental data measurement system) (software that automatically imports data from various general-purpose instruments such as LMS Test. Lab, B&K Pulse, etc. into NVEDMS
6 DSSs
Actual input (Tire, Engine, Gear/Motor, Wind Noise) measurement and data management
HSEA Model creation
Support System
Explanation (Base/DM HSEA Model creation, input power extraction)
7 VINMD Software for creating a diagnostic model of interior vehicle noise (automatic hybridization)
8 AC HSEA MD Software for creating a model for interior vehicle noise diagnosis (automatic hybridization) based only on acoustic experiments
9 VENMD Software for exterior vehicle noise model creation (automatic hybridization)
10 DMMD Support software for DM (Specification Change) Model Creation
11 RTS On road driving noise, wind noise (Buffeting/Boundary Layer component separation), Road Noise, Motor Noise and Gear/Motor Noise component separation software
12 WNS Automatic extraction of wind noise input (automatic extraction of sound power from pressure fluctuation components) and wind noise analysis software
Analysis using HSEA model
Support System
explanation (using all core software)
13 PDT Software to manage the development process of vehicles and to make convenient comparisons between vehicles
14 PATLPD Automatic performance allocation optimization software to determine the sound insulation performance (TL) and sound absorption performance (α) to achieve the target of interior vehicle noise
15 DT Software for communication between engineers and designers (or soundproof material manufacturers and vehicle makers) with extensive evaluation and easy specification change functions
16 TINLD Software to systematically derives specifications that achieve target vehicle performance
17 BPIS Software to estimate with high accuracy the properties (Biot Parameters) of soundproof materials from given acoustic properties (Insertion Loss [IL] or Sound Absorption Coefficient [α]) of soundproof materials
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